iSH Shell on iPad

iSH is a full Linux environment that runs on the iPad. With support for tmux, vim, git, and other essential programming tools, could iSH be the future of software development on iPad? I hope so.

Apple Unleashed Event Oct 2021

Today’s event was a mixed bag. New MacBook Pros with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips were predictably the biggest and most exciting announcement today. Additional HomePod Mini Colours, on the other hand, hardly seemed worth mentioning.

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Aeropex Bone Conducting Headphones Review

Aeropex bone conducting headphones by AfterShokz have brilliant sound quality and are comfortable enough to wear all day. Reliability isn’t so good, but ameliorated by great after-sales support. I love these headphones, and use them daily. ⭐️4.5/5

Ulysses Blogging Review

Writing app Ulysses makes publishing and refining blog posts easy, by providing multi-device sync and a proper WordPress integration. It supports drafts, images, excerpts, tags and other metadata. It’s the best there is but it still has some rough edges…